Episode 6: Zu Dominiak


In this episode I talk to illustrator and comixator Zu Dominiak.

Zu is a talented artist who creates comic strips; she tells stories using words and pictures. We talk about how the interplay between images and narrative influences her work.

She talks us through her planning process and we discuss the challenge of ‘killing your darlings’ when this can involve carefully crafted images as well as words.

Zu is a collaborator, so we talk about the realities of working with other people on a creative enterprise. We discuss the challenges, of course, but also look at the benefits to the writer (and artist) of collaboration and how that helps you develop your own work.

And we also talk about the power of networking. Zu tells us how much she has gained from her friends at the Edinburgh League of Comics.

Like all writers and artists, Zu needs to find an audience-readership for her work. So we talk about the genuine pleasure of selling work one-to-one, the fun of meeting people who enjoy what you do and the excitement of her work going to San Diego ComicCon

I gained a lot from talking to Zu and I think she has loads of insights that are valuable to any aspiring writer – even one like me that can barely draw stick men.

Zu’s work is intelligent, funny, dark and serious all at the same time – I’d strongly recommend a visit to her website and  that you follow her weekly strip Monty & Zuzu’s WTF on Twitter or Instagram.

It is well worth keeping your eye on Monty & Zuzu as Zu tells me this will be kickstarting again very soon.

She has also made a load of her sketches and developmental work available here – so you can see her planning notes for real.

And here is her course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, part of Dundee University.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Please leave a comment below or a review on iTunes.



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