Episode 5: Andrew Okey


In this episode I talk to first-time novelist Andrew Okey.

We discuss what spurred him on to take time out to concentrate on writing and about his approach to writing the manuscript for his novel, The Alternative.

We cover Andrew’s approach to planning his work, in particular the challenge he had with The Alternative in managing three different narrative strands.

We go on to talk about what steps he’s been taking to get his novel published – and his take on self-publishing.

Andrew is a fascinating guest. In the last couple of years he has done many of the things aspiring writers dream of doing: taking a sabbatical from the day job to write, completing a full novel and getting on the merry-go-round of publishers and literary agents.

Talking to him about these very fresh experiences gave me a real insight into the joys and challenges of taking the leap to becoming a writer.

I’ve had the great privilege of reading The Alternative. It’s really good. So keep your eye on this site as, coming soon, will be exclusive access to an extract from Andrew’s first novel.

I hope you enjoy this episode – please leave a comment or post a review on iTunes.



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