End of Series 1: Recap


Steve Borley

This short episode brings the first series of Writing Perspectives to an end.

I talk a little bit about each of the ten episodes in the series and think about what I’ve learned from talking to each of my ten insightful and interesting guests.

Thinking particularly about the advice they would each give to aspiring writers: no surprise that ‘write’ is at the top of that list. But a close second, I think, is ‘read’; we have to keep exposing ourselves to writing of all types. Things we enjoy; things that are popular and, perhaps, things we wouldn’t always read.

It is also interesting to reflect on what different people think about publishing and self-publishing. Getting these different perspectives tells me there is probably no right or wrong; it is a personal call for each writer. But I do think we’ve moved on from self-publishing being simply vanity publishing and, somehow, an admission of defeat. In fact, self-publishing can be a powerful signal to publishers that your work can gain a readership.

I have found hearing writers talk about how they approach their work, what it means to them and how they gain readers or an audience inspiring. Hearing their enthusiasm and their satisfaction in creating work they are rightly proud of gives me encouragement to keep on writing.

So that’s what I’ll be doing between series. Refocusing on the stories I want to tell and spending time with the characters I want other people to care about too.

Writing Perspectives will be back in 2018 with a new series of ten episodes.

I hope you enjoy this recap and have enjoyed the first series.


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